Monday, February 21

Weather Can't Stop the Shockers at Gamma Upsilon

My visit with the Delta Gammas at Wichita State can be summarized with one word: warmth.
Delta Gamma chapter house at Wichita State braving the cold
Women in Kansas were just as I imagined.  They have sweet personalities, sincere conversations, and yes, warm hearts.
The chapter cooks meals together once a week, usually before formal dinner.  Between conversations with alumnae and inside jokes among sisters, I found warm home-cooked food.
Kansas weather was literally freezing during my whole visit, which consequently increased my appreciation for mini-vans.  There's nothing like walking into snow that's blowing horizontally, and wind that cuts like a knife, only to find your relief in the warmth of a minivan with it's heaters blasting.
One adventure in this van was attending the WSU Shockers Basketball Game.  Unfortunately, the team lost, but the fans kept on with their hysterical and sometimes offensive cheers.  During the presentation of the opposing team, all of the WSU fans turn around and face the wall!  Not really my idea of a warm welcome, but it sure was entertaining.  
Home-cooked meals with GY sisters
When Delta Gamma's at WSU aren't busy winning chapter excellence awards, recruiting to Total, pledging 95% of legacies, or braving the cold, they are probably practicing for "Hippodrome".  The annual spring competition, the Hippodrome, is a theatrical and musical competition between campus groups.  Delta Gamma pairs with a Fraternity then writes, rehearses, and performs a 25 minute original play.  I may have some ideas about this year's (still secret) theme, but last year they won with an Adam and Eve meets Noah's Ark type story!  In the two hour practices three nights a week, the energy and warmth in rehearsals is contagious.

I had a lot of fun just hanging out with Gamma Upsilon members, and was proud to hear about their great leadership on campus.  My advice for anyone visiting in the future: bring a warm jacket!

Mexican food outing in Wichita

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