Monday, February 14

Alpha Rho - Ohio Wesleyan

Because Beta Iota (Purdue) is in Region 4, I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel back, but I was wrong! I visited the women of Alpha Rho - Ohio Wesleyan right after the terrible ice storm hit most of the country. There was no power in Columbus for three days, but it turned back on right before I arrived.

I had a wonderful time meeting and visiting the women, even though the weather was terrible. They are a smaller chapter, but a great group of women. They are located in Delaware, OH, about 30 minutes north of Columbus. They have an amazing restaurant called Chelly Belly's that serves soup, salad, sandwiches and dessert. I would be willing to make the drive from Columbus to have it again! The chapter has a unique situation: they have a chapter house but no one lives in it. The house is not build to hold many women.

We also got to attend a Leadership Conference. It was nice because it was only a few hours in the morning and the message was fantastic. One thing the speaker said that stuck with me was, "Make the next leader better than you.". We get so caught up in being the best that we forget our goal - to make our organization the best it can be. Some collegians, advisers, etc. are too caught up in being the best and not offering a good transition for the incoming officers because they want to be the best. This speaker also wrote Chicken Soup for the College Soul which I think I'll add to my list of books to read.

At the Summit Leadership Conference

Some students started this cool "yarn tree" on campus. It has been kept up over the years.

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