Tuesday, August 2

SONGS to get you ready for fall term!

The Song Contest winning songs have been uploaded again to the blog.  Blast these over the speakers during recruitment work week this fall!

PS: Get ready to meet the CDCs!!!

Monday, May 16

Setting Sail with DGs

Epsilon Beta (Bucknell) DGs and me.

After my CDC traveling ended I took a trip to Europe with a friend from my chapter.  Little did I know, four Delta Gamma's from Bucknell University (where I visited in November) were also in Greece!  We ran into eachother at our hostel and spent the whole day on a tour of the islands.  Six of us Delta Gammas took a boat, bus, and donkey together to see some of Greece's most beautiful sights.  What a small DG world
All of us after making it to the top

DG's taking the famous Santorini donkey ride

Monday, May 2

Song Contest Winners Announced

After an exciting and creative song contest this spring, we have finally chosen the winners! We received a great amount of submissions (more than we hoped for) and realized with each song that the selections fit into four clear categories.  There are 6 winning songs or chapters overall!  Find out more HERE!

Saturday, April 16

Alpha Xi - West Virginia University

What a great visit with the women of Alpha Xi! I arrived at the beginning of Greek Week and the women were gearing up to participate in the week's events and win! My visit was short so I was not able to see many events, but I did get to see the Air Bands competition. I have never seen anything like this, but it was bascially a cheerleading competition. Each fraternity and sorority pair had a theme and the overall theme was "what you want to be when you grow up". Delta Gamma, SAE and AGR were doctors and other groups were things like cowboys, rockstars, spies, racecar drivers, etc. It was so neat to see the different routines and performances. Delta Gamma rocked it and placed third!

One of the chapter members took me on a campus tour in her car because it was raining. We made a detour and looked at some enormous houses. It was super fun to get to see Morgantown! Some members of joint CMT took me out to dinner which was delicious!

Eta Rho - UC Merced

I had a wonderful time with the women of Eta Rho - UC Merced! The weather was much nicer this time compared to when I visited in January. You could see the mountains behind the campus and the picture was gorgeous!

Eta Rho had Anchor Slam during my visit. It was so fun to watch different students play basketball. Many groups participated in the tournament and the event was a huge success! I am so proud of their progress with this event! Check out some pictures!

Sunday, April 10

Zeta Zeta - Boston University

What a change of weather from Baton Rouge to Boston! It was great being in the middle of a big city and getting to experience the fast-paced lifestyle of the East Coast.

Zeta Zeta had Initiation while I was there. It was neat to be a part of a ceremony welcoming more members into our sisterhood. I was able to go out to dinner with the advisory team one night. How lucky the women are to have such wonderful, involved advisers! RCRS Jane (and her new little girl, Lily) and Director of Housing Ally were able to join, too. It was so nice seeing the Good coming from fantastic alumnae!

The chapter members took me to eat at Cheers and on part of the Freedom Trail. There is a lot of history in Boston and it was neat to get to see some of it! It was freezing outside, so we didn't last too long. I really loved getting to visit and know the women of Zeta Zeta.

Turn in your songs today!

Have a chapter song that you want to share?  Today is the day!  Record your song contest song and send it on in to the CDCs by midnight tonight!

Thanks for all of your hard work this semester, everyone!



Having not traveled to the south this entire semester, LSU was definitely a change of scenery and culture for me. The women were super welcoming and did an excellent job of making me feel right at home!

Gamma Zeta had a lot going on during my visit. Two chapter members took me to boot camp at 6am...What dedicated exercisers! I attended the Greek Gala, a banquet to recognize prestigious alumni from the LSU Greek community, with the membership adviser. It was inspiring to see how many people are dedicated to LSU and their organizations.

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day parade in Baton Rouge. Previous CDCs Emily Burris Hester and Kaitlyn Guerin took me to the parade and food at the membership adviser's house. The parade was a neat experience! Sunday the chapter held a fundraiser, Delta Glam, where different companies came to Delta Gamma to sell their merchandise. The event was a success!

On Monday, the chapter held RPW one and I facilitated some conversation exercises for the newly initiated members. It was super fun and I think the women had a good time while hopefully learning a lot. For those who aren't from the south, the bottom picture is of the chapter "bouncing and clapping". I think SaraMargaret would be proud of their excelelnt form!

Monday was also the start of Greek Week. A Delta Gamma was in charge of Greek Week, more specifically the Habitat for Humanity builds. I was able to go to the build site and see the good happening for myself. How inspiring! Monday night Emily, Kaitlyn and I drove to New Orleans to see Vanessa! It was so nice to see more familiar faces! What a wonderful group of women and visit to Gamma Zeta!

Friday, April 8

Theta Beta-Case Western Reserve University

Theta Beta is an incredible group of women who truly value their membership in Delta Gamma. Their sisterhood was very evident during my visit, not to mention they are very involved on campus and have amazing scholarship! They even had a member who is currently studying abroad in Spain, come back on one of her breaks to surprise them! I loved watching the shock and excitement on everyone's face when they walked into the room and their sister who was supposed to be abroad was standing there:) During my visit, the campus had Greek Week! Delta Gamma placed in many of the events, and got 3rd place overall! They brought their competitive yet Panhellenic spirit to all the events. There were always many members cheering on their sisters from the sidelines with posters. They even cheered for the other teams and were constantly saying "great job" or "good luck" to the teams that walked by. The chapter was an outstanding example of what it means to have Panhellenic spirit!

Tuesday, April 5

Five More Days For Songs

Eta Iota- UN, Reno at Song Practice
This message was sent, today, to collegiate and alumnae presidents, vp: communications, vp: member educations, and directors of collumnae:

There are five days left to submit a song in the Inaugural Song Contest!  Remember, there are three categories and your collegiate and/or alumnae chapter can submit one in each.  Use your creativity and send in anything that you think would be a good song to share with other chapters. 

Tips on sending your submission:

  • Send as an mp3 or ACC file (not mp4).
  • Don’t send it through a University email address as these hosts sometimes do not allow you to send large files.  Gmail, yahoo, etc will work.
    • Or, you can upload your song to a “dropbox” account and email us the link.
  • Create a song that can appeal to chapters across North America.
  • Using a pop culture song?  Think about using either a “classic” or something that is becoming popular right now.
  • Use songs your chapter already has written and record them!
  • Press send on your email by midnight on Sunday the 10th.

Still have a question?  Email us at songcontest@deltagamma.org

Best of luck and, as always, feel free to email the CDCs with any questions. 

CLICK FOR SONG CONTEST GUIDELINES AND IDEAS and remember that DG lyrics and music are always accessible HERE or under songs for recruitment


2010-2011 Collegiate Development Consultants
Delta Gamma Fraternity
3250 Riverside Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43221

Tuesday, March 22

My return to Pi-Unversity of Montana!

When I was at Pi in the fall, the campus was green and beautiful. This time, the campus was not as green, but the nearby mountains were covered with snow! The scenery was amazing, and with a short 15-30 minute drive, they can be in the mountains! The women were incredibly enjoyable to spend time with once again. Their bonds of sisterhood are amazing, as they are always looking to do thoughtful and kind things to support each other.
A group of seniors and I went to Lunafest one evening. It is an annual showing in Missoula of short films about women. It was eye opening and inspiring!
The chapter had Big/Little Revealing for their five New Members during my visit!

Iota-University of Illinois!

My week in Illinois was a bit of weather shock with the rain and snow, compared to the 70 degree Texas weather! The campus has the largest Greek system in the nation-which includes 25 sororities, 18 of which are Panhellenic organizations! The chapter has a beautiful house, which was the University president's home in the early 1900's. Iota chapter has a lot of history, as it was chartered in 1906.
Charter members of Iota chapter in 1906.

Iota chapter has had the same House Director for 25 years! The women had a big surprise party for her at the beginning of 2011 to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. She was initiated as a Delta Gamma in 1999, and cares deeply about fraternity and Iota chapter. Delta Gamma is lucky to have a member like Teresa, or "T" as the women affectionately call her!

Thursday, March 17

Epsilon Iota - UC San Diego

San Diego is BEAUTIFUL and the weather was fantastic during my visit! Paige came to visit me and we went to lunch with previous CDC and RCRS Lindsay Birtcil and EI's ATC, Caroline. It was so nice to see a familiar face and catch up with Paige!

UCSD is home to the Dr. Seuss collection which is stored in Geisel Library (named after Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss). The University has six different colleges and each college has a mini-campus within the main campus. USCD is unique in this way and these mini-campuses make their campus fairly large.

On another part of our tour, the women showed me a graffiti stairwell. This place was amazing! Students can spraypaint in this stairwell whatever and whenever they want. The University's hope was that if students could paint in the stairwell then they wouldn't paint the buildings. It has worked!

The women took me to do lots of other fun things, too. We went to the Balboa park museums, on a hike in Torrey Pines, sight seeing in Del Mar and more. I was very impressed with Epsilon Iota's social awareness program and their sisterhood events. The director of social awareness picks a different topic to focus on each month and gives a presentation to the chapter. Further, she gives reminders to chapter members before big events (i.e. CDC visit, Founders Day, etc.). She awards a DG Diva each week to a member that Does Good with etiquette.

The director of sisterhood has worked hard to plan fun, inexpensive events for the chapter. My favorite thing the director of sisterhood developed was "Anchor Sis Dates". The director of sisterhood pairs two DGs together each week (from different member classes) and they grab lunch, coffee, go to church, etc. What a neat way to facilitate interaction between different member classes!

Thursday, March 10

Song Contest Teaser

To anyone working on the song contest, we hope it's going well!  We're having fun, too, coming up with our own song remixes.  So far the CDCs have remade Ridin' Solo, and I've been working on some lyrics to Lady Gaga's new song.  We're not actually recording our songs, but we can't wait to hear yours!

Here is what I have for "Born This Way (Join Delta G)"

You don’t have to be a legacy, to find your place in D-G
Just put your Gamma’s up
‘Cause you were born this way, baby

My mama told me when I was young
Hannah Doll’s a superstar
With her red hair and her apron on
Stay with her and you’ll go far

There’s nothing wrong with joining other groups
She said "just make sure that you go Greek.”
But hold your head up girl and you’ll go far
Listen to me when I say!

Come drop your anchor this way
We’re here to “Do Good” all day
You’re on the right track, baby
You were born this way

Since 18-73
People have pledged Delta G
You’re on the right track, baby
You were born this way
(born this way)...

Have fun!

Wednesday, March 9

My Home Away From Home!

I was able to visit the women of Alpha Delta - Oregon again this semester. I visited a few times last semester, so Oregon is now my home away from home! The women were FANTASTIC and I was so happy to see them again. I received a very warm welcome and the women prepared an awesome goodie basket for me!

When I arrived, Staige Hodges and her friend Melissa were visiting the chapter. Staige was educating the chapter on etiquette and her presentation was very entertaining. It had some wonderful information that all chapter members, alumnae, and people could find beneficial.

A few Delta Gammas were invited to Tri-Delta to answer some questions and give guidance to Tri-Detla. Since they are a new chapter, Tri-Delta asked for guidance from the established chapters on campus. I was happy our women made the effort and attended the meeting to help the Tri-Delts.

The chapter shocked me with the progress they had made since my last visit in November. Each term, the chapter holds "Delta Grammys" where members are rewarded for Doing Good in many areas. Further, at the end of each month each vice president awards a chapter member for something pertaining to their position (perfect attendance, helping plan a sisterhood event, etc.).

The vp: programming planned a sisterhood event to take buses to Willamette Pass Resort for skiing. Over 100 chapter members attended and had a wonderful time! The chapter participates in informal sisterhood events, too, such as working out with Tracy Anderson!

Some women from the chapter helped raise money for Austrailia and the flooding. One of the members of the Portland Trailblazers headed up the campaign. Because the women did such an excellent job selling t-shirts and raising money, Nicolas Batum, Patty Mills, and Wesley Matthews came to the DG house to personally thank the women!

A few chapter members took me to hike Spencer's Butte. It was a wonderful workout and the sights were breathtaking. Pictures don't do it justice!

Saturday, March 5

Gamma Tau-TCU

After visiting UNT, I headed to my last Texas school-TCU! They are a wonderful group of women with some incredibly dedicated leaders in their chapter. I met several fellow California girls there too! The day after I arrived, Gamma Tau held a scholarship brunch for women who received a 3.0 or higher GPA. The brunch was delicious, and as a to-go goodie, members received fresh cookies from a nearby bakery! Women with a 3.5 GPA and above were announced and awarded a special certificate. Way to go all you scholars!Gamma Tau has started a fun and creative tradition in the stairways of the DG-dormitory style house. Every member gets to paint their own anchor and sign their name to leave their legacy in the house! I was so excited to hear that in a few weeks, they are planning to bring a meal to eight Delta Gammas who live in a nearby assisted living home. The chapter is not only Doing Good on their campus, but in the community as well!

Inaugural Song Contest

The first ever Delta Gamma Song Contest has officially begun!  Submit songs old and new, original or remade, to the Collegiate Development Consultants.  The deadline for submissions is April 10, 2011!

More information can be found in the tab above titled "Song Contest".  We look forward to the day when we can sit and listen to a DG songs playlist!
Beta Eta Recruitment- 1966-1968

Delta Gamma Award Winners

As we enter spring and start breaking out our shorts again, it's also time for many campuses to host their Fraternity and Sorority Awards banquets.  Did your chapter or members win something?  Tell us about it here by commenting on this post!

Wednesday, March 2

Gamma Nu-University of North Texas

Gamma Nu was my fifth DG chapter I visited in Texas! They definitely showed me around the city of Denton and I was able to participate in some great events on campus throughout the week! Every spring, they hold a "Panhellenic Pride" day, to honor the New Members from every chapter. Every Panhellenic group gets to present their New Members on stage, who then do a little song performance for the audience! Gamma Nu has 9 amazing New Members who had some great outfits and gave a flawless performance!
Later in the week, the new football coach invited the leadership teams from every fraternity and sorority to attend a special event. The campus is working to complete a muli-million dollar new football stadium, so these chapter leaders were able to tour the stadium, eat some delicious food and hear a movitational speech by the new head coach! It was inspiring to see the faith that he had in these leaders to bring school spirit back to their chapters. He knew that if the fraternities and sororities would set the example for the rest of the campus, that the new stadium would be overflowing in the student section come game time in the fall! The Delta Gamma's already pointed out the section of the new stadium they want their chapter to sit in! At the end of my visit, Gamma Nu's ATC Susan Odom was able to take me to Dallas Founders Day. Fraternity Council member Laurie Knight was present, as well as former Council member Pam Jamieson, and former NPC Chairman Martha Brown. The women from SMU were there, and I visited their chapter in the fall! It was fun to reconnect with them as well as meet many more amazing Delta Gammas! (pictured: me, Susan Odom, Joy McCreary, Laurie Knight, Pam Jamieson)

Monday, February 28

Beta Omega - Washington State University

Better known as Wazzu, Washington State got a foot of snow during my visit! This is the most snow some of the chapter members have seen while at school. I would have to agree with Mary and Lorie, my picture taking has been lacking recently. I will try to be better :).

I absolutely loved the women of Beta Omega. I got to meet CDC Paige's step-sister, Lauren. She brought me some sweets which just made my visit that much better! The women took me to dollar scoops at Baskin Robbins and to see the movie "Just Go With It". We also went to dinner at a Mexican resaurant and one of the members told the waiter it was my birthday (which is in August by the way). However, it was so fun getting to eat fried ice cream and celebrate with the Beta Omegas!

The officers have been working really hard the past few years to improve their chapter and they have done a fantastic job! One big thing Beta Omega and the WSU Greek community are focusing on is more collaborative relations with the other Greek groups. With this in mind, Delta Gamma participated in Kappa Delta's wing eating contest. Although she did not win, Melissa did an excellent job!

DGs in the CUB selling cookies!

Melissa eating wings!

Celebrating my "birthday".

Thursday, February 24

Eta Theta - Saint Louis University!

Welcome to Saint Louis - the Gateway to the West!

First, I have to ditto Mary's confession because I have also been struggling to take pictures on visits! However, I think this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to make a visit to Saint Louis, MO and meet the fabulous women of Eta Theta who are sure to show you the sights and will do an amazing job of hosting in their fabulous city!

My eight days at Eta Theta went by way too fast, but I was still able to do a lot with the chapter during my visit :). Alpha Epsilon - Washington University invited Eta Theta and alumnae to attend an event they were hosting on campus and therefore I was lucky enough to hear Anne Milford (Epsilon Phi - Loyola University) present on her book How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy (http://coldfeetpress.com/). She was an awesome speaker and a wonderful representation of Delta Gamma (she even shared her Bid Day jersey that her daughter - Gracie (DG legacy!) - wears to bed every night!). I also got a campus tour from Keeley Farmer, who is quite the legend on SLU's campus and is well-known for her campus tours and ability to show off SLU pride that in turn wins over the hearts of prospective students! She is even featured on many university PR materials - always Doing Good! The chapter also hosted an etiquette speaker during their chapter meeting and we all received some excellent advice on both etiquette and professionalism!

At SLU, Fraternity and Sorority life is very unique in that sophomores from all Greek chapters live in one housing complex, nicknamed DeMatt, which is home to Eta Theta's chapter room. The chapter room has been recently renovated and the women cannot wait to show it off at their 10-year anniversary that is quickly approaching in November! Greek unity is very important to the students of SLU and they recently hosted a 'grand chapter' in which all Panhellenic chapters attended a program in place of their chapter meeting...AND, who better to present at this event than the amazing Cori Wallace (Delta Omega - William Woods University, just in case anyone needs a reminder!)!

I had an amazing time getting to know these women and seeing the sights of Saint Louis with them!

So I know that I am a Buckeye (a worthless nut, for those of you that don't know - Go Bucks!) and therefore have no room to talk, but what is a Billiken? Well, it is actually a charm doll that appeared in the dream of a Saint Louis patron who later patented the creature and thus comes about the mascot of Saint Louis University - Go Billikens! (It is also good luck to have one given to you!)

Wednesday, February 23

Zeta Rho - Ohio University

First off, I have a confession. I have become a really lazy photographer and I hardly have any pictures from my recent visits! This is no good, so starting today I am pledging (mostly to myself) that I will get better at charging my camera and bringing it with me!

My one shot from Zeta Rho is of the welcome I received in my room when I arrived! We got a little taste of spring - when I arrived it was 65 degrees out! Ohio University is in Athens, Ohio which is about an hour and a half from Columbus. It is known as the 13th most haunted place in the WORLD (a little intimidating for someone who doesn't ever watch a scary movie). The president, Rachel, and another chapter member took me to see The Ridges, an old mental hospital that has some pretty scary stories associated with it. If you want to learn more about the legends in Athens check out this video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkovvSgyKCo (it has two parts). Watch out for the shot of the DG house during the video. According to the chapter members, their house is haunted as well!

I visited ZP during their "Sibs Weekend" so many of them had siblings down to visit. I even got to adopt CDC Lorie's sister, Emily, as my sibling for a lunch date :) It was great to meet with such a kind group of women! Thanks for a great visit, Zeta Rho!

Tuesday, February 22

Greek Love at Gamma Kappa

I had the great pleasure of visiting Gamma Kappa at UC Santa Barbara and found so much more than wonderful February weather! The women are outstanding and it was fun to get to meet them while Doing Good on campus. On the first day of my visit I got to participate in a beach clean-up with the men of Beta Theta Pi. Check out the picture, I think we did a pretty good job! The DG house is just a few short blocks away from this beautiful beach (jealous!!!).

On the walk back we passed Greek Park. The fence that surrounds it is a tribute to all of the chapters at UCSB...every year each group gets a section to paint. DG's, of course, features a big, beautiful anchor. What a great tradition and way to show Greek Pride :)