Tuesday, March 22

My return to Pi-Unversity of Montana!

When I was at Pi in the fall, the campus was green and beautiful. This time, the campus was not as green, but the nearby mountains were covered with snow! The scenery was amazing, and with a short 15-30 minute drive, they can be in the mountains! The women were incredibly enjoyable to spend time with once again. Their bonds of sisterhood are amazing, as they are always looking to do thoughtful and kind things to support each other.
A group of seniors and I went to Lunafest one evening. It is an annual showing in Missoula of short films about women. It was eye opening and inspiring!
The chapter had Big/Little Revealing for their five New Members during my visit!

Iota-University of Illinois!

My week in Illinois was a bit of weather shock with the rain and snow, compared to the 70 degree Texas weather! The campus has the largest Greek system in the nation-which includes 25 sororities, 18 of which are Panhellenic organizations! The chapter has a beautiful house, which was the University president's home in the early 1900's. Iota chapter has a lot of history, as it was chartered in 1906.
Charter members of Iota chapter in 1906.

Iota chapter has had the same House Director for 25 years! The women had a big surprise party for her at the beginning of 2011 to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. She was initiated as a Delta Gamma in 1999, and cares deeply about fraternity and Iota chapter. Delta Gamma is lucky to have a member like Teresa, or "T" as the women affectionately call her!