Saturday, October 9

Pre-recruitment and recruitment with Alpha Delta - Oregon

I got to spend a lot of time with the women of AD helping them prepare for recruitment, and assisting them during recruitment. I formed a very strong relationship with the women and am happy I was able to spend so much time with them. We did not sleep much, but it was totally worth it when they received a wonderful new member class of 62 women (which is the biggest they have ever had). They pledged 10 legacies... over 40% which is something else they have not done in awhile!

Bryn and I at the Oregon football game!

Playing a conversation game/ body language game during pre-recruitment.

Cheering on Bid Day!

The lovely new member class!

Welcome to the Deeg! - Phi chapter - University of Colorado at Boulder


The women of Phi chapter recently enjoyed a successful recruitment. Formal recruitment started with a burst of energy and with a rocking nautical theme! The DG house and the women in it were ready to welcome over 900 PNMs on the first day of the process. They showed a slide show, danced, and sang to welcome their potential new sisters! Moving through the week everyone kept that same intense level of energy to make recruitment fun for both the PNMs and for each other. The women of Phi are some of the most confident recruiters on campus. They have a lot to offer and are happy to share their home with others. Their sisterhood shined strong with each round of recruitment.
Pictured above are the President, the ice anchor, and vp: membership. They proudly stand at the exit of preference ceremony. Preference was held in the evening/night at CU, and the atmosphere could not have been better to seal the deal! The women of Phi spent time talking to potential new members about Delta Gamma, sisterhood, and values. This night led to an amazing bid day - pictured above - at Jumpstreet! The Phi chapter exceeded quota!

Delta Gamma juniors pose for a picture during the MOST EXCITING DAY OF THE YEAR... BID DAY!!!!!
Boulder is a beautiful city with amazing sisters. The women of Phi chapter have a strong sisterhood and an even stronger love for Delta Gamma.

Thursday, October 7

Nu - University of Idaho

Traveling to Moscow, ID was interesting. I flew in to the Pullman airport which is the smallest airport I have ever seen and probably ever will see. I walked in to the airport and there was only one gate and one desk to check baggage. The only food was a vending machine!

Nu just renovated their Formal living room and their dining room. They also got a new roof. Everything looks great! I got to see Formal chapter and a new memeber meeting. I also got to meet the two ATCs and the new member education adviser.

What a great chapter! They are very strong administratively and I enjoyed that :) I also got to see them play intramural flag football and Wiffle Ball. It was super fun! Their campus is beautful too. They have a "Hello Walk" where everyone that walks through is supposed to say hello to other walkers. The hills there are almost unbearable! Driving to campus is beautiful with the yellow hills!

Moscow is on the Washington border. We went to see a movie and the closest movie theater is in Pullman, WA. Also, Washington State is in Pullman so the president drove me to see their campus and DG house.

Some DGs playing Flag Football!

Wednesday, October 6

Zeta Sigma - Northern Kentucky University

I ended my tour de Kentucky by visiting the lovely ladies of Zeta Sigma at NKU as they were gearing up for Recruitment. They are doing some fabulous things on campus! Many of the women are involved in student government as well as many other student organizations. They are definitely Doing Good! Each group in the Fraternity/Sorority community has a bench on campus where members can meet and hang out during the day. Here's me and Krystin (who gave me a great tour of the ever-expanding campus) on the Delta Gamma bench!

This year Zeta Sigma got a floor in campus housing; for the first time they have been allowed to decorate and really make it their own! The women have gotten to paint and are going to hang their composites. They went with pink and blue (and some yellow accents) of course! They have a room at the end of the hall where live-in and other members can watch movies and get together. Here's a shot from one end while things were still under construction. It was so exciting to see the floor coming together and for the women to have a place to gather!

I had such a good time getting to see Cincinnati as well. I was really brave and tried their special foods, Cincinnati chili and goetta (A breakfast food that is a mix of sausage and oatmeal based on everyone's best guess). Thanks to everyone for a wonderful visit!