Friday, September 3

Delta Omicron - Morehead State University!

Delta Omicron put on a fantastic recruitment this fall! Morehead State made some adjustments to their recruitment process and the women worked hard and took all the changes in stride. They put on a great Nautical Day and Preference, but my favorite was the Derby Day. All the Delta Omicrons wore big, fabulous, very well-decorated Derby hats...I think I need one now! Bid Day was very exciting as the chapter welcomed their new members :)

Also, dieters beware! If you ever visit Morehead, Kentucky there are delicious cookies everywhere! At one well-known restaurant around town they gave me a free one because it was my first visit, complete with homemade whipped cream...yum!

Wednesday, September 1

Definitely DePauw

Brick buildings,  Ivy and tall trees.  Field Hockey practice.  A small town with a lot of school spirit.  ~70% Greek involvement on campus.
These things introduced me to the 60 year old Gamma Iota chapter at DePauw University.  DePauw is classically mid-west meets old college tradition.  While the members live in the house for four years then move away as alumnae, some at Gamma Iota will always be connected to the chapter.  Gamma Iota House Director Kandy is known by collegians as "mom".  She never pledged Delta Gamma but grew up within its walls- her mother was the House Director during Kandy's childhood!  The kitchen staff have similar long term ties to Delta Gamma.  The dedication from the professional staff echoes the rich sisterhood within the chapter.
Taking their traditions in a fresh direction, Gamma Iota is one of a few chapters implementing the Delta Gamma marketing plan.  Their message: "Definitely Delta Gamma" could be seen loud and clear during the first weeks of school.  They will use "Definitely Delta Gamma" as a theme for all events and PR throughout the year, creating ideal name recognition and consistency.

They started with a back to school banner and painted their walkway,

wore their Definitely DG shirts anywhere and everywhere (class, the gym, work, ice cream, campus activities fair, I think you get the picture),
  • Definitely Cool- Outdoor movie on chapter lawn and a smores party at the campus fire-pit
  • Definitely Classy- Tea party and Fondue party
  • Definitely Creative- Nautical themed dinner and Build Your Own Pizza party
It's incorporated into Anchor Splash:
  • Definitely Doing Good t-shirts

It's a marketing strategy that is easy, fun, and will work.

Sunday, August 29

Gamma Beta- University of Tulsa

Although it is the University of Tulsa, all students and alumni call it "TU". UT is University of Texas, so Tulsa had to be something different. I arrived at Gamma Beta about an hour before preference started. Since they are a small Greek community, they personally knew every woman that came through their lodge on preference. I loved this! Gamma Beta took more than quota and are able to fill their lodge for the first time in many years!

Their lodge is interesting because Delta Gamma owns the front part, but the back part (all the rooms) is a dorm which is owned by the University. All Greek houses are set up this way. Each member class took me out to eat somewhere in Tulsa. It was nice to get to know them outside of DG stuff!