Friday, November 5

Moving Coasts!

For those who don't know, I have been doing most of my traveling in Region 7. About a week ago, I got to fly across the country (literally) to join the women on Eta Beta- Hartford. CDC Sammy (two years ago) and CDC Kelly (last year) are from our Eta Beta chapter. I learned when I arrived that I just missed CDC Paige who visited Eta Beta on her last break.

The women were wonderful! I got to participate in trick-or-treat for eyeglasses, where the chapter travels to neighborhoods, eye doctors, eyeglasses stores, etc. and gather unwanted eyeglasses. The vp: Foundation collects the eyeglasses, packages them, and sends them to the Lion's Club. What a great idea!

The women took me to see the movie "Life As We Know It" which was a cute romantic comedy. They also took me to get sushi which I loved! They do not have Greek housing, so I stayed in the president's apartment. It was a little change of scenery, but I enjoyed learning about chapters without housing. They are a wonderful chapter and were super hospitable. I loved having the opportunity to visit!

Sunday, October 31

Anchor Slam Week at Beta Gamma!

I arrived at Beta Gamma- Utah right before Anchor Slam week! They did a telethon and called BG alumnae to tell them about the event and ask for donations. They held Anchor Slam on Tuesday night. There was a great turn out! The football players gathered enough people for two teams. One of the football teams won the basketball tournament. Later in the week (after I left), the chapter held a Flap Jack Dinner where they made pancakes and waffles for guests. This sounds like so much fun!

I also was able to attend Crimson Night- an event planned by the students for the campus. It was a Harry Potter theme and it was super fun! We went through a really scary haunted house and even held a boa! I had a great time visiting these women. They got 5 inches of snow while I was there! Check out some pictures below!

P.S. Park City is only about 20 minutes from this chapter! The women have already invited us over to the chapter house. They said we could stay there, but I told them it will be nice to travel and not say in a DG house :)! I think some of them will join us for skiing!

Flap Jack Dinner!

At the football game. It was freezing!

Holding a boa at Crimson Night!