Thursday, February 24

Eta Theta - Saint Louis University!

Welcome to Saint Louis - the Gateway to the West!

First, I have to ditto Mary's confession because I have also been struggling to take pictures on visits! However, I think this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to make a visit to Saint Louis, MO and meet the fabulous women of Eta Theta who are sure to show you the sights and will do an amazing job of hosting in their fabulous city!

My eight days at Eta Theta went by way too fast, but I was still able to do a lot with the chapter during my visit :). Alpha Epsilon - Washington University invited Eta Theta and alumnae to attend an event they were hosting on campus and therefore I was lucky enough to hear Anne Milford (Epsilon Phi - Loyola University) present on her book How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy ( She was an awesome speaker and a wonderful representation of Delta Gamma (she even shared her Bid Day jersey that her daughter - Gracie (DG legacy!) - wears to bed every night!). I also got a campus tour from Keeley Farmer, who is quite the legend on SLU's campus and is well-known for her campus tours and ability to show off SLU pride that in turn wins over the hearts of prospective students! She is even featured on many university PR materials - always Doing Good! The chapter also hosted an etiquette speaker during their chapter meeting and we all received some excellent advice on both etiquette and professionalism!

At SLU, Fraternity and Sorority life is very unique in that sophomores from all Greek chapters live in one housing complex, nicknamed DeMatt, which is home to Eta Theta's chapter room. The chapter room has been recently renovated and the women cannot wait to show it off at their 10-year anniversary that is quickly approaching in November! Greek unity is very important to the students of SLU and they recently hosted a 'grand chapter' in which all Panhellenic chapters attended a program in place of their chapter meeting...AND, who better to present at this event than the amazing Cori Wallace (Delta Omega - William Woods University, just in case anyone needs a reminder!)!

I had an amazing time getting to know these women and seeing the sights of Saint Louis with them!

So I know that I am a Buckeye (a worthless nut, for those of you that don't know - Go Bucks!) and therefore have no room to talk, but what is a Billiken? Well, it is actually a charm doll that appeared in the dream of a Saint Louis patron who later patented the creature and thus comes about the mascot of Saint Louis University - Go Billikens! (It is also good luck to have one given to you!)

Wednesday, February 23

Zeta Rho - Ohio University

First off, I have a confession. I have become a really lazy photographer and I hardly have any pictures from my recent visits! This is no good, so starting today I am pledging (mostly to myself) that I will get better at charging my camera and bringing it with me!

My one shot from Zeta Rho is of the welcome I received in my room when I arrived! We got a little taste of spring - when I arrived it was 65 degrees out! Ohio University is in Athens, Ohio which is about an hour and a half from Columbus. It is known as the 13th most haunted place in the WORLD (a little intimidating for someone who doesn't ever watch a scary movie). The president, Rachel, and another chapter member took me to see The Ridges, an old mental hospital that has some pretty scary stories associated with it. If you want to learn more about the legends in Athens check out this video on YouTube: (it has two parts). Watch out for the shot of the DG house during the video. According to the chapter members, their house is haunted as well!

I visited ZP during their "Sibs Weekend" so many of them had siblings down to visit. I even got to adopt CDC Lorie's sister, Emily, as my sibling for a lunch date :) It was great to meet with such a kind group of women! Thanks for a great visit, Zeta Rho!

Tuesday, February 22

Greek Love at Gamma Kappa

I had the great pleasure of visiting Gamma Kappa at UC Santa Barbara and found so much more than wonderful February weather! The women are outstanding and it was fun to get to meet them while Doing Good on campus. On the first day of my visit I got to participate in a beach clean-up with the men of Beta Theta Pi. Check out the picture, I think we did a pretty good job! The DG house is just a few short blocks away from this beautiful beach (jealous!!!).

On the walk back we passed Greek Park. The fence that surrounds it is a tribute to all of the chapters at UCSB...every year each group gets a section to paint. DG's, of course, features a big, beautiful anchor. What a great tradition and way to show Greek Pride :)

DG... Sweeter Than a Honey Bee

In the next few days the CDCs will release an official Delta Gamma song contest.  There will be three categories, differing lengths and song styles, but one main purpose: update DGs songbook with fun and original music!
We want your chapter to submit a song.  Collegiate and Alumnae presidents, be on the lookout in your email inbox!

Here is a little inspiration from some of the 2010-2011 CDCs!

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Monday, February 21

San Jose State with the Gamma Etas!

My visit to San Jose State was great, even though the weather was not. In fact, it was the coldest they have seen in awhile. The women were very welcoming and were super excited to have me in their home! They just remodeled their dining room and date room and they both look fantastic! There are plans to remodel their Club DG room which currently has some workout equipment and a small kitchenette. The plans look awesome and I think the chapter will really enjoy the new Club DG. The women hosted a Regional Tranining a few weeks ago and got to meet officers from other chapters in northern California. The Transition Workshop was a huge success!

A good DG friend from college lives in San Jose, so I got to go to dinner with her one night which was nice! Also, I got to spend some time with Lauren Arquilla, ATC for Zeta Epsilon - Santa Clara. I was sad I did not get to see Santa Clara's campus, but I did get to see some of Stanford's!! Great things are happening from the Gamma Etas!

Weather Can't Stop the Shockers at Gamma Upsilon

My visit with the Delta Gammas at Wichita State can be summarized with one word: warmth.
Delta Gamma chapter house at Wichita State braving the cold
Women in Kansas were just as I imagined.  They have sweet personalities, sincere conversations, and yes, warm hearts.
The chapter cooks meals together once a week, usually before formal dinner.  Between conversations with alumnae and inside jokes among sisters, I found warm home-cooked food.
Kansas weather was literally freezing during my whole visit, which consequently increased my appreciation for mini-vans.  There's nothing like walking into snow that's blowing horizontally, and wind that cuts like a knife, only to find your relief in the warmth of a minivan with it's heaters blasting.
One adventure in this van was attending the WSU Shockers Basketball Game.  Unfortunately, the team lost, but the fans kept on with their hysterical and sometimes offensive cheers.  During the presentation of the opposing team, all of the WSU fans turn around and face the wall!  Not really my idea of a warm welcome, but it sure was entertaining.  
Home-cooked meals with GY sisters
When Delta Gamma's at WSU aren't busy winning chapter excellence awards, recruiting to Total, pledging 95% of legacies, or braving the cold, they are probably practicing for "Hippodrome".  The annual spring competition, the Hippodrome, is a theatrical and musical competition between campus groups.  Delta Gamma pairs with a Fraternity then writes, rehearses, and performs a 25 minute original play.  I may have some ideas about this year's (still secret) theme, but last year they won with an Adam and Eve meets Noah's Ark type story!  In the two hour practices three nights a week, the energy and warmth in rehearsals is contagious.

I had a lot of fun just hanging out with Gamma Upsilon members, and was proud to hear about their great leadership on campus.  My advice for anyone visiting in the future: bring a warm jacket!

Mexican food outing in Wichita