Wednesday, February 23

Zeta Rho - Ohio University

First off, I have a confession. I have become a really lazy photographer and I hardly have any pictures from my recent visits! This is no good, so starting today I am pledging (mostly to myself) that I will get better at charging my camera and bringing it with me!

My one shot from Zeta Rho is of the welcome I received in my room when I arrived! We got a little taste of spring - when I arrived it was 65 degrees out! Ohio University is in Athens, Ohio which is about an hour and a half from Columbus. It is known as the 13th most haunted place in the WORLD (a little intimidating for someone who doesn't ever watch a scary movie). The president, Rachel, and another chapter member took me to see The Ridges, an old mental hospital that has some pretty scary stories associated with it. If you want to learn more about the legends in Athens check out this video on YouTube: (it has two parts). Watch out for the shot of the DG house during the video. According to the chapter members, their house is haunted as well!

I visited ZP during their "Sibs Weekend" so many of them had siblings down to visit. I even got to adopt CDC Lorie's sister, Emily, as my sibling for a lunch date :) It was great to meet with such a kind group of women! Thanks for a great visit, Zeta Rho!

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