Thursday, October 21

Big Ten Company with Lambda- Minnesota!

My first Big Ten encounter while traveling was with Minnesota! I absolutely loved it there! The women were super welcoming and very friendly. The president, Mallory, took me to a hockey game. I also was able to spend time with Kaelee Stone (past CDC and HB adviser for Lambda) and the other advisers. I was even able to see their big/little reveal. The littles say the first half of a quote and the bigs finish it. It was so exciting to see how happy everyone was!

Minnesota has three campuses. Their main campus was beautiful in the fall. They have an area called Dinky Town which has restaurants and some shops. One of the chapter members is applying to be a CDC next year!! Go Lambda!

One of the chapter member's dad grows pumpkins and enters them in different contests. This pumpkin weighed over 1,100 pounds!