Thursday, March 10

Song Contest Teaser

To anyone working on the song contest, we hope it's going well!  We're having fun, too, coming up with our own song remixes.  So far the CDCs have remade Ridin' Solo, and I've been working on some lyrics to Lady Gaga's new song.  We're not actually recording our songs, but we can't wait to hear yours!

Here is what I have for "Born This Way (Join Delta G)"

You don’t have to be a legacy, to find your place in D-G
Just put your Gamma’s up
‘Cause you were born this way, baby

My mama told me when I was young
Hannah Doll’s a superstar
With her red hair and her apron on
Stay with her and you’ll go far

There’s nothing wrong with joining other groups
She said "just make sure that you go Greek.”
But hold your head up girl and you’ll go far
Listen to me when I say!

Come drop your anchor this way
We’re here to “Do Good” all day
You’re on the right track, baby
You were born this way

Since 18-73
People have pledged Delta G
You’re on the right track, baby
You were born this way
(born this way)...

Have fun!

Wednesday, March 9

My Home Away From Home!

I was able to visit the women of Alpha Delta - Oregon again this semester. I visited a few times last semester, so Oregon is now my home away from home! The women were FANTASTIC and I was so happy to see them again. I received a very warm welcome and the women prepared an awesome goodie basket for me!

When I arrived, Staige Hodges and her friend Melissa were visiting the chapter. Staige was educating the chapter on etiquette and her presentation was very entertaining. It had some wonderful information that all chapter members, alumnae, and people could find beneficial.

A few Delta Gammas were invited to Tri-Delta to answer some questions and give guidance to Tri-Detla. Since they are a new chapter, Tri-Delta asked for guidance from the established chapters on campus. I was happy our women made the effort and attended the meeting to help the Tri-Delts.

The chapter shocked me with the progress they had made since my last visit in November. Each term, the chapter holds "Delta Grammys" where members are rewarded for Doing Good in many areas. Further, at the end of each month each vice president awards a chapter member for something pertaining to their position (perfect attendance, helping plan a sisterhood event, etc.).

The vp: programming planned a sisterhood event to take buses to Willamette Pass Resort for skiing. Over 100 chapter members attended and had a wonderful time! The chapter participates in informal sisterhood events, too, such as working out with Tracy Anderson!

Some women from the chapter helped raise money for Austrailia and the flooding. One of the members of the Portland Trailblazers headed up the campaign. Because the women did such an excellent job selling t-shirts and raising money, Nicolas Batum, Patty Mills, and Wesley Matthews came to the DG house to personally thank the women!

A few chapter members took me to hike Spencer's Butte. It was a wonderful workout and the sights were breathtaking. Pictures don't do it justice!