Saturday, April 16

Alpha Xi - West Virginia University

What a great visit with the women of Alpha Xi! I arrived at the beginning of Greek Week and the women were gearing up to participate in the week's events and win! My visit was short so I was not able to see many events, but I did get to see the Air Bands competition. I have never seen anything like this, but it was bascially a cheerleading competition. Each fraternity and sorority pair had a theme and the overall theme was "what you want to be when you grow up". Delta Gamma, SAE and AGR were doctors and other groups were things like cowboys, rockstars, spies, racecar drivers, etc. It was so neat to see the different routines and performances. Delta Gamma rocked it and placed third!

One of the chapter members took me on a campus tour in her car because it was raining. We made a detour and looked at some enormous houses. It was super fun to get to see Morgantown! Some members of joint CMT took me out to dinner which was delicious!

Eta Rho - UC Merced

I had a wonderful time with the women of Eta Rho - UC Merced! The weather was much nicer this time compared to when I visited in January. You could see the mountains behind the campus and the picture was gorgeous!

Eta Rho had Anchor Slam during my visit. It was so fun to watch different students play basketball. Many groups participated in the tournament and the event was a huge success! I am so proud of their progress with this event! Check out some pictures!

Sunday, April 10

Zeta Zeta - Boston University

What a change of weather from Baton Rouge to Boston! It was great being in the middle of a big city and getting to experience the fast-paced lifestyle of the East Coast.

Zeta Zeta had Initiation while I was there. It was neat to be a part of a ceremony welcoming more members into our sisterhood. I was able to go out to dinner with the advisory team one night. How lucky the women are to have such wonderful, involved advisers! RCRS Jane (and her new little girl, Lily) and Director of Housing Ally were able to join, too. It was so nice seeing the Good coming from fantastic alumnae!

The chapter members took me to eat at Cheers and on part of the Freedom Trail. There is a lot of history in Boston and it was neat to get to see some of it! It was freezing outside, so we didn't last too long. I really loved getting to visit and know the women of Zeta Zeta.

Turn in your songs today!

Have a chapter song that you want to share?  Today is the day!  Record your song contest song and send it on in to the CDCs by midnight tonight!

Thanks for all of your hard work this semester, everyone!


Having not traveled to the south this entire semester, LSU was definitely a change of scenery and culture for me. The women were super welcoming and did an excellent job of making me feel right at home!

Gamma Zeta had a lot going on during my visit. Two chapter members took me to boot camp at 6am...What dedicated exercisers! I attended the Greek Gala, a banquet to recognize prestigious alumni from the LSU Greek community, with the membership adviser. It was inspiring to see how many people are dedicated to LSU and their organizations.

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day parade in Baton Rouge. Previous CDCs Emily Burris Hester and Kaitlyn Guerin took me to the parade and food at the membership adviser's house. The parade was a neat experience! Sunday the chapter held a fundraiser, Delta Glam, where different companies came to Delta Gamma to sell their merchandise. The event was a success!

On Monday, the chapter held RPW one and I facilitated some conversation exercises for the newly initiated members. It was super fun and I think the women had a good time while hopefully learning a lot. For those who aren't from the south, the bottom picture is of the chapter "bouncing and clapping". I think SaraMargaret would be proud of their excelelnt form!

Monday was also the start of Greek Week. A Delta Gamma was in charge of Greek Week, more specifically the Habitat for Humanity builds. I was able to go to the build site and see the good happening for myself. How inspiring! Monday night Emily, Kaitlyn and I drove to New Orleans to see Vanessa! It was so nice to see more familiar faces! What a wonderful group of women and visit to Gamma Zeta!