Monday, February 21

San Jose State with the Gamma Etas!

My visit to San Jose State was great, even though the weather was not. In fact, it was the coldest they have seen in awhile. The women were very welcoming and were super excited to have me in their home! They just remodeled their dining room and date room and they both look fantastic! There are plans to remodel their Club DG room which currently has some workout equipment and a small kitchenette. The plans look awesome and I think the chapter will really enjoy the new Club DG. The women hosted a Regional Tranining a few weeks ago and got to meet officers from other chapters in northern California. The Transition Workshop was a huge success!

A good DG friend from college lives in San Jose, so I got to go to dinner with her one night which was nice! Also, I got to spend some time with Lauren Arquilla, ATC for Zeta Epsilon - Santa Clara. I was sad I did not get to see Santa Clara's campus, but I did get to see some of Stanford's!! Great things are happening from the Gamma Etas!

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