Friday, November 5

Moving Coasts!

For those who don't know, I have been doing most of my traveling in Region 7. About a week ago, I got to fly across the country (literally) to join the women on Eta Beta- Hartford. CDC Sammy (two years ago) and CDC Kelly (last year) are from our Eta Beta chapter. I learned when I arrived that I just missed CDC Paige who visited Eta Beta on her last break.

The women were wonderful! I got to participate in trick-or-treat for eyeglasses, where the chapter travels to neighborhoods, eye doctors, eyeglasses stores, etc. and gather unwanted eyeglasses. The vp: Foundation collects the eyeglasses, packages them, and sends them to the Lion's Club. What a great idea!

The women took me to see the movie "Life As We Know It" which was a cute romantic comedy. They also took me to get sushi which I loved! They do not have Greek housing, so I stayed in the president's apartment. It was a little change of scenery, but I enjoyed learning about chapters without housing. They are a wonderful chapter and were super hospitable. I loved having the opportunity to visit!

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