Thursday, October 7

Nu - University of Idaho

Traveling to Moscow, ID was interesting. I flew in to the Pullman airport which is the smallest airport I have ever seen and probably ever will see. I walked in to the airport and there was only one gate and one desk to check baggage. The only food was a vending machine!

Nu just renovated their Formal living room and their dining room. They also got a new roof. Everything looks great! I got to see Formal chapter and a new memeber meeting. I also got to meet the two ATCs and the new member education adviser.

What a great chapter! They are very strong administratively and I enjoyed that :) I also got to see them play intramural flag football and Wiffle Ball. It was super fun! Their campus is beautful too. They have a "Hello Walk" where everyone that walks through is supposed to say hello to other walkers. The hills there are almost unbearable! Driving to campus is beautiful with the yellow hills!

Moscow is on the Washington border. We went to see a movie and the closest movie theater is in Pullman, WA. Also, Washington State is in Pullman so the president drove me to see their campus and DG house.

Some DGs playing Flag Football!

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