Wednesday, October 6

Zeta Sigma - Northern Kentucky University

I ended my tour de Kentucky by visiting the lovely ladies of Zeta Sigma at NKU as they were gearing up for Recruitment. They are doing some fabulous things on campus! Many of the women are involved in student government as well as many other student organizations. They are definitely Doing Good! Each group in the Fraternity/Sorority community has a bench on campus where members can meet and hang out during the day. Here's me and Krystin (who gave me a great tour of the ever-expanding campus) on the Delta Gamma bench!

This year Zeta Sigma got a floor in campus housing; for the first time they have been allowed to decorate and really make it their own! The women have gotten to paint and are going to hang their composites. They went with pink and blue (and some yellow accents) of course! They have a room at the end of the hall where live-in and other members can watch movies and get together. Here's a shot from one end while things were still under construction. It was so exciting to see the floor coming together and for the women to have a place to gather!

I had such a good time getting to see Cincinnati as well. I was really brave and tried their special foods, Cincinnati chili and goetta (A breakfast food that is a mix of sausage and oatmeal based on everyone's best guess). Thanks to everyone for a wonderful visit!

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  1. I want there to be a bench like that on every campus! New goal for the year...