Sunday, September 26

Fiesta de la Noche... and the days before!

The women of Eta Delta at University of North Florida welcomed me a few days before formal recruitment started! They had been working extremely hard each and every day leading up to the events. Once recruitment began, the women of Eta Delta used every ounce of their energy to be wonderful hosts to the PNMs entering their parties.

The chapter looked great each day of recruitment! They were also some amazing hostesses. I was able to meet with a bunch of Eta Delta's officers, they have some very exciting things planned for their Fall semester - it made me want to stay and hang out!

One thing I can't forget to mention is the great frozen yogurt places! I had meetings where we talked over a build-your-own frozen yogurt! It was so yummy! We took a stab at guessing the Mystery Flavor each day for 50% off (we got it right once... because one of the women works there)!! The women said that when their DG families get together they often go to get yogurt - not a bad idea!

Moving on to Bid Day!!! Quota was 54 and they pledged 56!! This new member class was so excited too! Pictured above is myself and Allie, the president of Eta Delta on bid day. We went to Dave and Busters to eat, play, and enjoy. We ROCKED Dave and Busters! So many women and their bid day buddies hit the jackpot that we cleared out the prize shop! GO DG!

Moving on to the best part of all... Fiesta de la Noche!!! The women decided that bid day was not enough time with their new member class, they decided to have a bid night celebration! The Fiesta de la Noche was a huge success! There was a taco bar, frozen treats, and an acoustic guitar player! Everyone came out in full force to hang out and enjoy the night! It was outside on a fabulous night! We danced, we ate, we talked, we loved life! New members were able to see the sisters interact with one another and get to know everyone a lot better. Having a bid night celebration was such a great idea! We really "sealed the deal" with this one!

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