Saturday, September 25

Eta Kappa- North Carolina State

After my first break, I headed off to Eta Kappa- North Carolina State! Go wolf pack!!! The wonderful women welcomed me into their home and into recruitment!!! It was a crazy time but we all had a lot of fun!

The chapter women introduced me to the shoes called Jack Rogers... more commonly known as "jacks." Apparently they are a big deal. Eta Kappa women wore these shoes atleast two out of the four days of recruitment. However, don't let the fact that they are flip flops fool you. They are actually quite uncomfortable. But hey, we are DGs, we have to look good!!!

This is a picture of their preference night. Isn't it beautiful! The potentional new members got to sit outstide and eat cute cupcakes with their intials on it before going inside. It was a lovely atmosphere and the weather was perfect!

Here is a picture of everyone on Bid Day!!!! Their theme was NFL draft!!! Eta Kappa had an amazing recruitment! Quota was 38 and they took 39 wonderful women!

I was sad to leave after recruitment and bid day but I knew they all would continue to DO GOOD!

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