Monday, February 28

Beta Omega - Washington State University

Better known as Wazzu, Washington State got a foot of snow during my visit! This is the most snow some of the chapter members have seen while at school. I would have to agree with Mary and Lorie, my picture taking has been lacking recently. I will try to be better :).

I absolutely loved the women of Beta Omega. I got to meet CDC Paige's step-sister, Lauren. She brought me some sweets which just made my visit that much better! The women took me to dollar scoops at Baskin Robbins and to see the movie "Just Go With It". We also went to dinner at a Mexican resaurant and one of the members told the waiter it was my birthday (which is in August by the way). However, it was so fun getting to eat fried ice cream and celebrate with the Beta Omegas!

The officers have been working really hard the past few years to improve their chapter and they have done a fantastic job! One big thing Beta Omega and the WSU Greek community are focusing on is more collaborative relations with the other Greek groups. With this in mind, Delta Gamma participated in Kappa Delta's wing eating contest. Although she did not win, Melissa did an excellent job!

DGs in the CUB selling cookies!

Melissa eating wings!

Celebrating my "birthday".

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