Saturday, August 28

Pi-University of Montana!

I have had a wonderful time helping out during what Pi calls "Worthwhile Week". I love the creative spin on the name! They are an incredibly diverse and passionate group of women who are proud to be Delta Gamma's. Within the past week, they had to fill several open officer positions and members have truly stepped up to help out and support their sisters. Their attitude and motivation has been incredible to observe!
The first thing they told me when they picked me up from the airport is that I had to hike the "M"- a large letter in the middle of a hill right behind campus. I just did it yesterday and the view of the city and campus from up there was incredible! We went to a farmer's market this morning and experienced great people watching! The Missoulians have some unique people and it was so fun to see the culture of this city!

Their house is beautiful and has an amazingly large anchor out front!
Thanks to a recommendation from CDC Paige, we were also able to stop by this fabulous shop called Rockin Rudy's with trinkets, cards, music and everything random you could ever think of. I found some great gifts!

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