Wednesday, August 25

Delta Beta - University of Kentucky!

The Delta Beta chapter at University of Kentucky pledged quota of 63 women, including over 40% of their legacies!

I think I'm getting ahead of myself though...I arrived in Lexington to a warm welcome from president Rachel and director of recruitment records Emily. Being from Arizona, I was totally (maybe excessively) blown away by all the grass and trees. I've never seen anything so green - it was beautiful! Lexingotn is preparing to host the World Equestrian Games this year, so scattered throughout the city are horse statues painted by different artists. This one was so UK, I had to get a picture (with Kristen, who took me on an awesome campus tour with another member, Stephanie)!

Delta Beta puts on an awesome recruitment! They put on a themed skit during each round and find creative ways to stand out on their campus. During their sisterhood day the chapter puts on a Disney Princess skit. They have fabulous costumes and beautiful backdrops painted by chapter members and the actresses have a great dynamic and energy!

I was really inspired by the sisterhood and respect that the chapter members showed me and each other throughout the week. They were all so enthusiastic and did their part. It totally paid off, everybody loved Delta Gamma throughout the week and the chapter got a five star new member class! I was so excited to get to stay to see the celebration on Bid Day. To match the beautiful leis, the chapter had a luau theme, complete with these awesome DeeGee surf boards on their own sandy beach. I had to get a picture with the director of recruitment records, Emily, who became my new best friend working behind the scenes all week! She is an awesome sister and I was so glad to get to know her...we were ecstatic to be out in the sunshine after our week indoors! All in all it was a great first visit; everyone was so happy on Bid Day, it was the cherry on top of a wonderful visit!

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