Monday, August 23

Gamma Alpha- University of Tennessee!

I visited UT for 9 days and was able to see and assist with the entire recruitment! They have a wonderful group of women. They do not have a physical house, but they have a floor in the greek dorm and they have a suite in the Panhellenic building. They have 13 sororties and none have houses. The University is in the process (and has been for nearly 15 years) of building, but they have not broken ground.

This is the best recruitment Gamma Alpha has expereinced in a long time. Quota was 39 and they received 46 women! They did a fabulous job and I am so proud of them! Check out some pictures!

Roll Call: at the end of each round, all Panhellenic groups do a cheer. The Panhellenic team and Gamma Chis are at the bottom and do a cheer too. This was an awesome expereince and really enforced by love for DG and all Panhellenic groups.

Table tops for Philanthropy round. They say "Delta Gamma" and "Life is good"

The suite before Skit round. They did a Delta Gamma Circus theme. It was adorable!

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