Tuesday, August 24

Eta Sigma chapter at the College of Charleston

Lunch break during spirit week! Meet Kelly, Kat (president), Ivey, Hilary (vp: membership), and Sam. I had my first Cheerwine at this yummy little restaurant! I wish we had that in the south, it was so good! These women are a great example of just how fabulous the Delta Gammas at College of Charleston are... good friends, doing good.
This video is the Eta Sigma chapter in the VERY beginning of Spirit Week. These women worked SO hard to learn new songs, learn the process of formal recruitment, prepare for their long days and various types of conversations, and of course preparing the rooms. The women here are amazing, they were so attentive and excited throughout the week and weekend. Each day the chapter walked in with a smile on their face and an attitude that said they were ready to work hard.

More to come!!
... video took too long to upload... I will fix this later.

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