Thursday, October 28

Welcome to Furman University in South Carolina!

Zeta Upsilon has members who are determined to go above and beyond to strive for excellence! The second day I was there, the chapter had a retreat up in the mountains. Luckily we were in cabins with bathrooms and running water, so we weren't roughing it too much! We spent the day doing team building activities, making cards for their friends from the Golden Anchor Program, recruitment practice, senior and sophomore pursuits and just having fun playing board games in the cabins! The women are doing a great job of creating positive PR for themselves on campus, and they just recently won homecoming! While I was there, they were planning for their upcoming fundraiser "Eye Love Art", where they auctioned artwork from kids and adults with visual impairements. The art was incredible! They invited local politicians, businesses, school administrators, students, and it was parents weekend! I hear it was an amazingly successful event!

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