Thursday, October 28

Homecoming Week at SMU!

I arrived at the beginning of Homecoming Week at SMU! The Alpha Upsilon chapter had great spirit throughout the week, and gave support to their Homecoming candidate, Taylor Torcellini. It all paid off in the end, because Taylor and Delta Gamma won Homecoming at the end of the week! They were first out of 8 other chapters!

The theme for float building during Homecoming was musicals! The Alpha Upsilon chapter had Hairspray as their musical, so they build a float that looked like a car, and had a huge hairspray bottle sitting on it! Instead of "good morning Baltimore", it said "good morning SMU" on the back! I learned what "pomping" was when they took me to the float building. Amazing what they can create out of chicken wire, spray glue and tissue paper!
The chapter also held an alumnae event the morning of the big football game!

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