Monday, September 13

Top nine reasons why I love Reno, NV

1. The women of Eta Iota are incredibly welcoming
2. The women of Eta Iota decorated their house with some "Wolf Pack" school spirit days before anyone else on Greek Row.
3. The women of Eta Iota planned a philanthropy event last semester with Sigma Kappa. It was called "Do Good, Spread Kindness", and the two chapters took to the streets of Reno to do good deeds and make the city a better place.

4. The Reno, NV alumnae chapter gives tremendous support to the collegiate women, including coming over for a practice recruitment round.
5. The vp: recruitment welcomed me with flowers and yummy fresh fruit

6. Eta Iota sings my favorite song at recruitment: "Some Call It Love."
7. U Swirl frozen yogurt. The president and vp: social standards took me to this delightful yogurt spot.

8. A river runs through the town, which is also filled with casino's and attractions like acrobatics and circus acts from China!
9. Ever seen a Lady Gaga look alike? Meet the Eta Iota senior who will be playing her in the skit.

Paige Browning
Collegiate Development Consultant

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