Sunday, August 29

Gamma Beta- University of Tulsa

Although it is the University of Tulsa, all students and alumni call it "TU". UT is University of Texas, so Tulsa had to be something different. I arrived at Gamma Beta about an hour before preference started. Since they are a small Greek community, they personally knew every woman that came through their lodge on preference. I loved this! Gamma Beta took more than quota and are able to fill their lodge for the first time in many years!

Their lodge is interesting because Delta Gamma owns the front part, but the back part (all the rooms) is a dorm which is owned by the University. All Greek houses are set up this way. Each member class took me out to eat somewhere in Tulsa. It was nice to get to know them outside of DG stuff!


  1. What do the steps say?? i can't read the bottom line :/